Sunday, 21 April 2013

Swinhoe's Snipe

Swinhoe's Snipe

Gallinago megala

This bird was found at Värtsilä Niirala, Tohmajärvi, Finland on June 13th 2008. It was only the second European record, and it was seen and heard until July 6th.
The first European record was at Ynzhnaya mountains, Yengane-Pe ridge, Polar Urals only about 30 km west of the WP boundary, on June 23rd - 24th 2002

The Finnish-bird was twitch by birders from all over Europe, and it was filmed by Antony "Forezbirder" (1,2), and Totti Toiskallio (3).

Janne Aalto says about the bird
"It was first heard by locals but they had no idea what it was... Then local was told to come to listen it and so Hannu Kivivuori and his blind birder friend from other side of country Hannes Tiira who happened to be very keen bird-recorder went to listen to it and they realized that it was a Snipe! I had been birding with Hannes on the previous night and he called me that there was a strange snipe calling and I started driving there (100 km). They had already identified the bird as a Swinhoe's when I got there but of course everyone wanted to make it sure. So I listened to it and then took good quality recordings and sent them to some friends and then the rest is history"

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